Evozon Security Division

We’re a team of professionals with years of experience in various security services, a passion for research and staying up to date with the latest security trends and a background that gives us a thorough understanding of security controls and their specific weaknesses.

Armed with proficiency in multiple security application tools, network technologies and operating systems, as well as a knack for translating complex security aspects into business terms, we are able and ready to provide your company with comprehensive security services.

Our engagements follow a structured approach, built on the OWASP methodology, and are governed by a strict code of professional ethics. This allows us to contribute to our clients’ success and give them a clear image on how our security services can benefit their businesses.

The Evozon Security Division has close connections with Evozon’s Testing Team and its IT department, so we can easily expand the services we provide for your business, according to your specific needs.

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About Evozon

A software development and consulting company based in Cluj-Napoca, Romania, Evozon specializes in delivering custom software solutions to clients all over the world.

With over 10 years experience and nearly 500 specialists, Evozon provides product development services, business analysis, project management, QA testing, IT & Security services, planning and marketing services for a wide range of industries.