All organizations should understand the importance of security and the potential risks they may end up facing.

Our Security Awareness and Protection Training is a 1-day awareness course, designed for people who need a high-level understanding of techniques and trends used in hacking rather than practical know-how.

We’ll introduce you to the basic technical concepts behind the various stages of a hacking attack, as well as to some common tools used by hackers and security professionals. The course will feature examples drawn from real-world breaches to show how lapses in security have resulted in high-profile damage to organizations and customers.

Why you should attend:

  • You will gain insights into the mindset and motivation of hackers, learn how they infiltrate organizations and what damage can follow
  • You will find out how organizations are exposed through various routes of attack, including the internet, employees, social engineering, emails and wireless
  • You will learn about the security lapses behind a number of real-world, high-profile attacks
  • You will have the chance to try your hand at some simple web application attacks in our “hack lab”

This course will enable you to:

  • Gain an understanding of IT security from an attacker’s perspective
  • Evaluate possible risks to your business that hackers may bring
  • Understand the principles of how to defend your organization effectively from the risk of attack

Attend this course if:

You want to understand the real threat that hackers pose.

This course is especially useful for:

  • IT managers
  • System analysts
  • IT security professionals and auditors
  • Security officers and data protection representatives


  • terminology, motivations, the lie of the land, methodology
  • from harvesting open-source information to social engineering
  • including port scanning
  • including the threat from client-side software
  • including attack pivoting
  • including password attacks
  • including botnets
  • incident handling scenario
  • threats, OWASP Top Ten
  • practical attack scenarios
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