In the evolving world of technology, mobile applications are becoming more dominant than ever, this evolution has created a full range of new attacks that were not relevant in the classic web application world.

As application security experts, it is our mission to define and promote mobile application security.

Evozon Security Division performs penetration testing and code review on all platforms for mobile applications and has created a dedicated testing environment fully equipped for testing Android and iOS applications.

During testing, we simulate a multitude of attacks, both general application attacks and mobile dedicated attacks.

The testing simulates a real hacker and what he can do to penetrate the application and retrieve confidential or sensitive data.

Following the testing, we will produce a detailed report of the security vulnerabilities exposed in the PT.

The report contains the following details:

  • Classification of the risk level
  • Description of potential damage from exploit
  • “Steps to hack” (screenshots included)
  • “How to defend” recommendations regarding avoiding the vulnerabilities