Cybersecurity involves people, not just technology

Social engineering is one of the most commonly used vectors by attackers to gain access to a company’s physical location and/or sensitive data. This attack vector relies heavily on human interaction, oftentimes involving manipulating and tricking people into breaking normal security procedures.

Many organizations believe their yearly security awareness trainings are enough to warn their employees of these types of attacks, but how do they really know if they are working effectively?

Regardless of the technologies implemented or the physical barriers created, the strength of a network comes down to the training, awareness, diligence and honesty of an organization’s trusted employees, contractors or vendors.

Let us help

Evozon Security Division launches realistic social engineering campaigns to evaluate how your employees will react to social engineering attacks.

We start social engineering assessments with open-source intelligence gathering to create customized real-world attacks. This process begins with target identification and information gathering, followed by exploitation attempts. Then we create a customized approach with the objective of engagement in mind.

After the social engineering assessment is completed, we provide a detailed report that covers the policies tested and the results of each attempted breach.

Social Engineering Framework

Our Social Engineering approach consists of three major categories: Test, Identify and Secure. This framework should be implemented yearly in order for clients to see if they are improving or need to take further actions.